Defend The Bay collaborates with graduate students and their professors. An  example, was in conjunction with professors and students at Cal State Los Angeles, Defend The Bay has conducted scientific research on several fronts. Professor Barry Hibbs has researched nitrogen and selenium sources in our watershed.

Results of Defend The Bay’s research are used to educate decision makers. For example, Professor Hibbs’ research results were presented to the State Water Resources Control Board, and are resulting in increased awareness, study and restrictions on selenium discharges into Newport Bay.

Additional scientific projects Defend The Bay conducts include groundwater pollution and transfer; TMDL [total maximum daily load] issues; algal blooms and the related effects of excessive fertilizer input into the watershed; toxics and their effect on biota; and sediment, its attachment properties that attract pollutants, and its effects on Newport Bay.

Defend The Bay plans to expand its scientific research programs to involve high school and undergraduate students in monitoring and assessment.

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